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pure natural dorema ammoniacum essential oil wholesale

Do you know that Dorema ammoniacum essential oil is made from the gum of this plant? The other name of this gum is “Dorema ammoniacum gum”. 
You can buy this essential oil from anywhere in the world.

How can Dorema ammoniacum gum be achieved?

Dorema ammoniacum gum is made by scratching or biting insects on the stems, roots and leaves of this plant.
A white liquid (almost milky fluid) is extracted from this plant that becomes dry and stiff by contacting with the air.
Dorema ammoniacum gums eventually drop on the floor or stick to this plant, in the form of brittle milky white or brown and sometimes red droplets.
Although Gum Ammoniacum is hard and brittle, but it is easily softened by heat, sunlight, or moderate temperature but not melt.
Another characteristic of this gum is its solubility in water, which in case of dissolving the milky emulsion is emerged.

dorema ammoniacum essential oil

Chemical composition of Gum Ammoniacum essential oil

Dorema ammoniacum gum contains glucose such as Rhamnose, Glucuronic acid, Galactose, Arabinose.
In addition, it contains volatile oil (0.5 to 1/3) and resin (65 to 70%).
These effective Gum Ammoniacum ingredients are usually used for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.
Dorema ammoniacum gum tastes bitter and spicy and also has a rather scented smell.The wholesale price of Gum Ammoniacum essential oil is increasing due to this effective chemical composition.

The benefits of Dorema ammoniacum essential oil

Dorema ammoniacum gum has medicinal benefits as same as Ferula gum in old medicine. Some benefits of pure Gum Ammoniacum and resin gum essential oil are as:

  • anti – oxidation
  • Expectoran
  • Anti-convulsant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antipyretic
  • Minor Diuretic
  • Increased sweating
  • Anti-spasmTonic
  • energy producer
  • Anti-bloating

In addition to above cases, the most important use of Dorema ammoniacum gum and Gum Ammoniacum essential oil is treating respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and lung problems.
Also, herbal remedies based on Dorema ammoniacum essential oil are effective in liver and spleen problems.

In addition, in india Dorema ammoniacum gum is used as a Bladder crusher and anti – parasite.
The other benefits of Dorema ammoniacum are anti – nociceptive and antispasmodic properties that reduce muscle pain such as back pain.
Therefore, oral and topical application of it can decrease muscle pain, back pain, sciatica and is very effective in treating joint swelling.

dorema ammoniacum essential oil

Wholesale of Dorema ammoniacum essential oil & Dorema ammoniacum gum

The CHASHNA company has been able to produce 100% natural Dorema ammoniacum essential oil, due to the direct extraction of Gum Ammoniacum from different natural regions of Iran.

The results of GC/MC laboratory analysis indicate high quality of this essential oil.

Pharmaceutical companies and Trading companies can contact us for further information.

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