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Selling natural Eryngium essential oil

If you are looking to buy the best natural  Eryngium essential oil, Chashna Company has started selling Eryngium essential oil with the best quality and reasonable price.

Eryngium plant is useful in the treatment of diseases. Although the Eryngium is an almost unknown plant, the Eryngium distillate and its essential oil have their own customers all over the world.

In recent years, the Eryngium plant has been recognized as an effective and useful drug in the treatment of diabetes.

It was difficult for many people to access the plant, so folk medicine experts began to produce the plant’s distillate and sell it in some stores.

Chashna company has produced and offered 100% natural Eryngium essential oil .for more Better access and effect.

By producing Eryngium essential oil, in addition to other herbal essential oil.

we have created the conditions for public access and easy use of this unique plant.

What is a Eryngium plant and what are its compounds?

Eryngium is unknown to many people, but folk medicine Experts and chemists know it well.

Pedigree plant: A flowering plant from the Chetrian family: (Apiaceae)
Scientific name: (Eryngium billardieri)

In the sources of folk medicine: (Shokai) and (Shoka al-Bayda)
Eryngium  has a desert and wild vegetation that is harvested to treat, diseases and use in traditional medicine.

 This useful plant, is mostly found on the hillside of Alborz and Zagros mountains in Iran and at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level.

Sell Eryngium essential oil with the highest percentage of active ingredient

The Eryngium plant, is a fragrant plant that contains the active ingredients of bisabolone A and alpha oxides at a rate of 86.12% in its essential oil.

Eryngium essential oil is obtained by distillation methods with water and water vapor or distillation separately.
Despite the  the presence of properties in the root of the hornbeam and fruit of this plant, it is widely used in folk medicine.

Due to the presence of inulin in this plant and its great resemblance to artichoke to Eryngium, it is also called wild artichoke.
The major chemical compounds in the Eryngium plant are bisabolone A and alpha
oxides at 86.12%

With the best methods of essential oil extraction, Chashna company has been able to export the best quality Eryngium essential oil to other countries.

The price of Eryngium essential oil in Chashna company

The price range of Eryngium essential oil is determined by the quality and quantity of the active ingredient.
Eryngium  essential oil is also, sold in bulk along with sending samples.

In addition to food flavorings, Chashna company is active in the production of a variety of herbal essential oils as ; dorema ammoniacum essential oil and Iranian asafetida essential oil.

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